Center Utilization

Orthopaedic Surgery Center is the out-patient surgery center of choice for physicians and their patients in Gainesville, North Central Florida and surrounding areas. What makes Orthopaedic Surgery Center the right choice? Read Why Choose an ASC, and then Contact Us to schedule a facility tour or for more information.

With over 15 years of experience, Orthopaedic Surgery Center is not only dedicated to providing excellent, quality care to patients, but our staff is also committed to the success of our partners and physician utilizers. We have streamlined the scheduling process in order to ensure patients are booked quickly and your procedures start on-time.


We’ve also taken those extra steps to keep our facility state-of-the-art for your surgery.

Key Contacts:

Terri Cochran, RN, CASC
Center Director
Phone: (352) 367-2310
Fax: (352) 367-2512

Danielle Wilber
Business Office Manager
Ph: (352) 367-2328
Fax: (352) 367-2512

Center Staff
When you perform surgery at Orthopaedic Surgery Center, you have highly trained nurses and ancillary staff, who’ve treated over 21,000 patients, available to assist you.

If you have more questions regarding our support staff, please reach out to Request More Information.